happy birthday

Happy Birthday Gifs and Happy Birthday with Phrases

The birthday of someone very important in your life has come and you want to send a lively Gif to brighten up...
Gifs de amor

Gifs: Love with Phrases

Love is beautiful, isn't it? In this post you can check out the best love Gifs on the internet, selected by ourselves!
Good Night

Gifs: Good Night with phrases

Shall we say good night to the people we like with animated Gifs? We've made a very nice selection of good night...
Boa tarde

Gifs: Good Afternoon with Phrases

If you love good afternoon Gifs to send to people you've been chatting about in WhatsApp or posting as status of your...
Good morning

Good Morning Gifs with Phrases

A new day is beginning! If you want to say good morning to the people you like the most with animated gifs,...

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