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Love is beautiful, isn’t it? In this post you can check out the best love Gifs on the internet, selected by ourselves!

With the word love you can understand a wide variety of feelings and attitudes, from a more general form of affection (“I love my mother, I love my son”) to a strong feeling expressed in interpersonal attraction and attachment, a passionate dedication among people or, in its broadest sense, a deep inclination towards something.

For Girlfriend / Boyfriend

It can also be a human virtue that represents goodness and compassion, selfless closeness, faithfulness and benevolent concern for other living beings, but also the desire for the good of other peoples.

My greatest joy is knowing that I have you to love.

Nobody loses by giving love, loses is who does not know how to receive!

Learn to value the right people. Take care of who takes care of you.


The ancient Greeks identified four primary forms of love: parental-family love (storge), friendship (philia), erotic but also romantic desire (eros), and finally purely spiritual love (agape, which can go as far as self-annihilation or kenosis); modern authors have also distinguished other varieties of romantic love, while non-western traditions contain variations or symbioses of these states.

Love is not what we want to feel, but what we feel unintentionally.

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the middle of carnival

In love, there are no “right people”, there are people who fight to make it work.

For Husband and/or Wife (Couple)

Such a range of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involving the subjects they love, can make it particularly difficult to define love univocally and certainly in comparison with other emotional states.

In the field of psychology, it consists of a double relationship based on an emotional exchange generated by the physiological need for sexual gratification and the psychological need for affective exchange. Love, in its various forms, acts as an important facilitator in interpersonal relationships and, given its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes dealt with in the creative arts; finally, it can also be understood as a way of keeping human beings united against the threats of the external environment and of helping human reproduction and the consequent continuation of the species.

Important was not the day I met you, but the moment you came to live inside me.

The distance does to love what the wind does to fire: it puts out the small, it inflames the big.

Love is just a word… until you find someone who gives it real meaning!

Good Morning on the Move

A good morning Gif on the move for your love early is perfect for any couple of boyfriends, girlfriends, or married couples! Check out the best ones selected by us:

Good Night

Several good night Gifs for your love to sleep well and think of you:

Love at a Distance

When distance is an obstacle in your love, send these Gifs to those you love:

You’re the exact measure of everything I once dreamed of for myself.

Love, because nothing better for health than a corresponding love.

Tell you what, I’ll take care of you and you take care of me…

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